Wednesday, September 30, 2009


I'm so excited... I thought I was going to have to get the dogs to the vet today or tomorrow to finish my foster parent licensure... but they just needed the rabies proof (which lasts until 2011 for my dogs). So, they went ahead and are licencing me today!!!!


I'm so excited!!!!!!

It will be awhile, maybe, who knows... to get a referral or to be asked to foster a child, but the licensure is complete today!!!! :D I guess I'm now a Foster (hoping foster/adoptive) Parent in waiting for this agency.

Now, onto figuring out this Kazakhstan thing. One thing at a time, right? ;-)

Happy, happy dance!


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  1. Boy, you really are serious about finding Little M a little brother/ sister. More power to you if you feel you can. I have an amazing amount of respect for people who adopt- I've said this here before and on other blogs.

    On a lesser note, I have names for both a little boy and a little girl that all start with "M"! Of coarse, the best name in the entire world for a boy that starts with an "M" is THOMAS. Anyone can tell you that;0) "Tom's" are good people. They remind me of my best friend, Jack:0)