Monday, October 5, 2009

I am THAT Mom

Not to steal the blog title from my fellow blogger... but "I" am THAT Mom....

You know the one...

I want to know if my daughter took a nap.
I want to know what she had for lunch.
I want to know what she did during the day (when she isn't with me).
I do care about how much sugar and junk she's eaten.
I do expect her to sit still and behave when necessary.
I do expect her to eat dinner and sit at the table.
I do expect her to follow some simple, basic rules.

The first two items on my list are a challenge every single day with the daycare. You'd think that after over 2 years of going there they'd ALL know that *I* want to know these things But no. I still go some days and no one can tell me if Lil M had a nap.

Now, you're saying... why not just ask her? Well, she doesn't always tell me the correct answer. I don't think she's trying to lie to me, but she DOES know that Mommy wants to know and it will make Mommy happy if she did take a nap. So, of course, she's going to say yes! LOL.



  1. Hannah's kindergarten have just introduced little notebooks for each child, in their lockers. Every day the teacher writes whether she ate and how much of the soup and main course, if she slept, and how long, and a comment about social behaviour. I'm finding it very helpful in just giving me the basics of whether she has had a good day in these areas. Maybe you could ask them to do the same - it would only take them 1/2 minute to fill in each day.

  2. Oh, they do have "care" sheets, and Mia is the one one who gets one now... because I keep asking. They are supposed to fill those basic things out every day, but for some reason it is almost always an issue.

    And I think that is great that Hannah's school does that!! It is just what I'm looking for! :)