Thursday, October 22, 2009

Overnight PT

So, Lil M has taken to not wearing a pull-up this week overnights... she had 2 out of 3 dry nights, and I'm praying tonight'll be a 3rd. :) *crossing fingers* She seems fairly ready for this new endeavor. As you can imagine, Mommy is quite pleased. :) Well, except for when she has accidents. But she is learning!

Actually, this Mommy is quite pleased when it comes to most-every-single-thing-having-to-do-with-Lil-M!! ;-) yep, had to put that in there.

So, I got part of my sewing room cleaned out a little bit today. Will go buy some bins tomorrow and organize my fabric...then figure out where to store it! :D Actually, it feels good to finally do something with it again, even it if is just re-organizing it so far! I found some fun stuff that I think I could do great things with for Christmas... if I could just get off my lazy butt to sew anything. ;-)

I fell down the stairs last night, didn't hurt myself too bad, but I did pull a muscle in my arm it seems and my left shoulder is a bit out of whack. Nothing a little ibuprofen doesn't help.

Update on possible placement, I'm waiting to hear if the State will even let me foster the boy because I don't have my medically fragile training yet. Might hear tomorrow. Or might not. What is funny about this (not so haha) is that I am not a patient person. Unless, it comes to big ticket things like... waiting for adoption or children. Go figure. ;-) Who'da thunk it?!


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  1. Mia is a super-trooper for doing so well without her pull-ups. You know she’s only going to get better at it until no more are needed.

    “Who'da thunk it?!” You are officially bi-lingual.

    Say, where’s the best place to learn “Kentucky”? I know what you’re going to say: Kentucky. I’d love to speak the language as I lasso a domesticated animal or a small bird. But you see, I understand that there is an all out chicken persecution over there right now and I don’t want to get caught in da cross fire. Is there a Hooked-on-Phonics that teaches “Kentucky” I can order via the Pony Express or stage coach?

    Anyhoo, I have to go. I’m decorating my house with free beer and cigarette paraphernalia for Halloween. This has to be done by four so I can be at the burping contest by five. If I win, I get an all expense paid trip to Dollywood and a year supply of Cherry Skoal (for my honey)!