Thursday, October 22, 2009

Quilting and fabric

I have TOO Much fabric. I'll just tell ya now, I have enough fabric for probably 10 women. No joke. In order for me to get this room ready for any child, let alone doing respite, I've GOT to get this fabric under control... at least put away in bins. So, my goal today is to get some bins and start moving it. I'm also going to have Sis put some of it on eBay, because there are certain pieces I'm sure I won't use. Not that any of it is bad. It's just that I really just have too much. I can't hardly get in there and sew.... wait, that's probably why I haven't gotten in there to sew!! So, wish me luck. :)

I'd love to get in that room, or in my sewing spot (wherever that ends up) and make some new pillows and some lap quilts for Christmas. So, sort, sort, sort I must!!

Still haven't made a firm decision about the little boy. I'm scared of the diabetes... I'm going to try to call my agency today and talk to them about it more. But, regardless, if there is to ever be a number 2, there has to be room made.

**I have thought today, though, that even though the Diabetes scares me, I think it is just the reality of a 2nd right now that makes me nervous. I think that would be any child. :) So, I'm still waiting to hopefully meet him and see if it is a good match. I'm thinking that if his attitude isn't super difficult then it wouldn't be as bad as I've been letting myself think it might be. You know what I mean? Lil M has a very easy-going personality... I think that having a child with a super-difficult personality would be more of a challenge for ME than having to help him with his food/medical issues. Of course, I could be wrong.


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