Wednesday, October 21, 2009


I might have the opportunity to take a young boy for respite care this weekend or next. Actually, they've asked me to consider fostering him, but I'm not sure yet... he has type I diabetes (juvenile, inherited type) and I'm a little scared of that responsibility. However, he is old enough to give himself his own shots and mostly needs supervision in that area.

Sis is concerned I might take on too much. She says, I can never do anything small... always has to be big... but I didn't pick this one, they picked me. Regardless, she is right and I do not want to get into a situation where I'm too overwhelmed. But I am seriously considering the respite at least and see if it would even be something I could handle. Plus, they have to accept me, too, at the state level because of his medical condition. So, might not work out after all.

Any thoughts or prayers are welcome.

So, how does this work for me? Well, in everything, I take it up in prayer... simply put, I talk to God about it. I do have a few trusted friends/relatives that also help, but I'm a big prayer gal. With prayer, the thing you must always remember... it is God's time and you need to actually listen after you've asked the question. Please go check out the other ideas here.


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  1. Well said, to take it to God in prayer. I'm praying that God will show you His will for you in this situation :)