Sunday, October 25, 2009

Bets on dryness

Anyone wanna take some bets on how many nights (starting tonight) Lil M can go without being wet in the morning? Or shall I say... dry nights?!

Her longest that I've officially counted was 3 out of 4... and I'm going to count all this week.... might even have to get her something special if she can go more than 4 days straight!

I have Meow and Monkey sitting here with me... Lil M is sleeping... I get to be the keeper tonight of her favorite animals. I need them. It's been a long day.



  1. I would NEVER bet against Little M on amything. She'll do to me what the Road Runner does to the Wile E. Cayote in some way. I don't stand a chance! Besides, you know sooner or later she'll have this thing beat completely:0)

    I never go to bed without Cuddles and Bubbly Angel Bear. I love them and they love me right back cause I'm so thweet (insert giggles here). Before them I had Scruffy and the Flasher, but ma took those away from me.

  2. well... you might be right!! :) you might lose. lol

    she usually doesn't sleep without Meow and Monkey, but Mommy has them tonight... :)

    really, it's amazing how much she's grown and how great her personality continues to grow and be.

  3. I'm going to bet on her having dry nights from now on (bar the odd, inevitable accident they all have). Hope it all goes well.

  4. well, this morning she was just ever-so-slightly damp... like she had a tiny piddle accident... but the bed wasn't wet, and her clothes weren't really wet... so, i know she's getting the hang of it.

    i agree, i think she's on the road to being dry every night, but i do think it might be just a little longer until it's more than 3-4 days in a row... so, let's see how this week goes!! :) she could surprise me!