Thursday, October 29, 2009

Halloween Week

Lil M's Halloween party at school (daycare) was today. They are allowed to wear orange or something 'halloween', but not a costume. So, I thought I'd give the Bengals jersey one more go!!! AND IT FIT! ;-) Of course, it's a snad short... but I did put a black turtle neck under it to keep her a bit warmer anyway. It still looked darn cute!! :)

An added bonus pic - this is from last October at a Bengal's game (notice the same jersey). I'm shocked now that it fit at all!! LOL


  1. Oh my gosh she looks soooo cute! Of course we are all Bengals fans as well up here. It's nice to know you are raising her well. Seriously, she looks adorable. Hope she had a great time! Is she going trick-or-treating?


  2. Thanks, H!!! :) (we're not huge bengal's fans... but she IS adorable in it!! hehe) Yeah, we're going to go Saturday up there... with Aiyee Mimi (Min) and Grampa.

  3. Cutie-patootie looks very cute in her outfit [I'm willing to forgive the fact that it's a Bangels jersey ;0) ].

    I can gauge from the fourth pic just how big she's getting. WOW! Shooting straight up! Pretty soon she'll be as tall as you are. LOL.

    Happy Halloween to you, Little M, and (if you see him) Colonel Mendoza:0)

  4. i know, Tom, isn't is crazy?!! that was just LAST year! ;-) Look at those legs! She's getting tall! (for her! lol)