Saturday, October 24, 2009

Weekend update

I made some quick type bread tonight, from scratch, as they say. It turned out really well, even though I modified the recipe (on purpose). I think next time I might add a smidge less sugar. Or use brown sugar instead or something... but other than that... it turned out well and I'm glad to be baking again. :)

Lil M had 3 nights of dryness, and then last night she wasn't. Oh well. I had a feeling it wouldn't keep forever! LOL. Let's see how she does tonight. I'm happy she can go 3 nights in a row... and hopefully we can up that this week or soon, at least.

I didn't really do the chores that I should have done today... but there is always tomorrow. We'll likely run to the store and then I need to get some other things done around here. It if doesn't rain, I'll mow the yard. Oh boy.



  1. Three nights of dryness? GOOD GIRL, MIA! You got me beat by one day:0)

    So, hire yew? While we is at et, can we come up with our own Kentucky names? I's got da name Tiberious. It spelled just lak it saeounds.

    Ol' Bobby Jones is a drunk again out side ma shed. I told dat boy not to come by hea again, but he show up the same. He's so stupid, he couldn't find his butt with both hands. I gotta git.

  2. Tom, welcome back!!!! :)

    So many ways to comment on the potty comments it's funny!! For you, they have adult size diapers... or Depends!! ;-) or, i suspect you're doing a lot of laundry?! hahaha

    As for Mia, yes, she did great. She had one night in 5 where she had an accident. Last night she was dry. So, I'm hoping we can make it longer this week, even. :)


  3. "For you, they have adult size diapers... or Depends!!"

    Really?? If I had known about these "containers" previously it could have saved me a HUGE headache, like cleaning the walls:0)

    Cutie-patootie is growing up fast! She's getting to be a big girl and school is not too, too far way. When that time comes, she going to do just fine.

    Does you know Winchester and junk? Well, couple nats ago he and Rufus drew guns over whose pick-up had da biggess ashtray. Wincester trah to taolk and explen wha happen, but I cuddint unnerstand a wurd he sed. He dum too. Dummer dan Bobby Jones.