Wednesday, September 30, 2009

WFMW - less meat

People who know me know that I have not eaten beef or pork for probably 15 years or so. There were reasons for this, but suffice to say, I don't care for either of them, and I don't eat them. This works for me.

When Lil M came into the picture, I made the decision to follow this same rule, principal for the both of us. It is what I want. So, what does this mean for her? Well, it means that she doesn't eat crap like bologna or hot dogs or meatloaf or hamburgers, unless they are made of Turkey. And she eats more beans. We eat a lot of beans. In a lot of different things. We just don't eat beef or pork.

For example, take spaghetti. Use your regular sauce and add one can of black beans to it. Yum.

Same thing with goulash (made with ground turkey). Add a can of beans. We use a lot of chicken, turkey and fish in our diet. Oh, and the same this with stir-fry... I add a can of red beans. It doesn't have to be all beans, or a ton of them to add the benefits. Sometimes we don't eat meat at all.

Last night I cooked a can of Lentil soup, put that on top of noodles. Then I added hot sauce and grated sharp cheddar cheese. Sort of a 3-way as it is known around here. :) Just a vegetarian 3-way. YUM.

I am having a little difficulty with daycare. They have given Lil M beef or pork in the past month. Yesterday, they gave her bologna. Thankfully, I found out that it is actually turkey bologna. Or, I would have been really mad. I just want them to abide by my dietary wishes. I've made my requirements/wishes known since day 1, so let's see if it continues. (it better not)

That's what works for me. Go check out the other great ideas.


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