Monday, September 7, 2009

Relaxing weekend

Lil M and I stayed in most of the weekend. We did get to see the fireworks last night, but that was sort of a last minute decision by this Mama! :) We got to meet our friends MK (and sis, Betty), MK2 for a bit, and Lil M was very happy about that!

I had a tough night again sleeping. This time, I didn't go to sleep until after 1:30am (partly due to studying some scripture)... and then woke up at about 5am and couldn't get back to sleep. So, I got up and stayed up until about 8am. That's when Lil M woke up and she went potty and came to snuggle with Mommy. We don't co-sleep as a rule, but on occasion it's nice to get that extra mama daughter time in.

The same happened this afternoon. When she was going to take a nap, she just snuggled up with me on the couch and we both took one together! I normally would have gone ahead and put her in her own bed, but hey, it's a holiday, right?!! :)

I'm still looking at a 2nd adoption. I finally found a couple of good Kaz adoption blogs and I'm hoping to make some contacts over the next few weeks to see how scary that process really is. I've been a bit bummed, because finances won't really allow me to start yet. So, more research is always a good thing. I've been researching Ethiopia, too. I find it to be a good program (for my criteria)... but am still leaning toward Kaz for several reasons. The first of which is that I have a chance to adopt a child of Asian or Euro-Asian decent from Kaz. I really would like that for Lil M. But, it is mostly up to God at this point. I'm open... just need to find the right avenue.

What I find interesting is people's thoughts about different ways to adopt or have a child. For instance, my Gyn seems to think I'm perfectly fine to try to have a baby. Sis is all for that option. But others aren't. And I'm not sure either. Then, there's the country choices or here in the state options. I'm single, so that makes quite a huge difference in my options, still. (drat, why can't China or Vietnam just open back up like I want them to!!)

Some people are against older children adoption. I'm not, but it'd have to be the right fit for Lil M and I. (and i'm still working with an agency in my state for foster/adopt program)

Some people are against certain countries, because they think that the acclimation of the child to our overly-white populated area would be too much. But, then Lil M is a child of color, too... so, while I understand the point (possibly), I don't necessarily agree.

Anyway, just wanted to get some of that out. Overall, the weekend was great. Got to see Sis for a bit and hang with my other favorite person (clearly, Lil M)! :)

Oh, and that scripture study... I'll share that soon.


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  1. Everybody will always have an opinion - and the odd thing about opinions is most people think their's is right ;)

    Ultimately I don't think it matters what other people think - only what you feel in your heart. And yes, I know that is just an opinion too :)