Monday, May 18, 2009

Monday, Monday

Yes, it's another Monday. The weekend was sort of non-eventful... the one thing that Lil M has done recently while sitting on the couch together is to look at me and say "I ready nigh, nigh, Mommy" and then get in my lap and try to fall asleep.

Now, it isn't new that she has fallen asleep on me. For the first 1.5 years together I held her almost every single evening for at least 10-15 minutes before bed. Sometimes she would fall asleep, other times she wouldn't. She would just lay there. Mama Mia time for sure. :)

What's new about this is that she has taken it upon herself to let me know she's ready to go to bed and then comes over and lets me hold her. :) Some days she lets me know she's ready to go to sleep, but doesn't want me to hold her. So, this is kind of cool. I must admit, that I like the Mama Mia time.

Let's see, what all can Lil M do now? She can speak in full sentences... for example, when we went to the store last weekend to get flowers, she pointed her little finger at me and said "You stay right there, Mommy. I be right back!" hahahaha This was after I had just asked her to stand with our flowers for about 2 seconds so I could get some rose bushes off an end-cap next to the checkout line! hahaha.

She's probably 90% potty trained. She still has some accidents, but they are getting fewer and farther between. Nighttime wet is still there.

She can sing the ABC's, count to 10 and I even heard her sing Ba Ba Black Sheep the other day... (not sure if she got all the words, but it sounded pretty close - I was in the other room). She likes to color and knows several colors... black, blue, red, green, orange, yellow, purple. She often tells me what I'm wearing... what color it is and if it has a pattern (ie., stripes), pockets... etc. And then compares it to what she is wearing. "I no have stripes, Mommy", "I have pockets, Mommy has pockets, too!!" I need to get some of this on video, 'cause it is pretty cute.

So, since it is a Monday, I need to find some motivation for this week. What is nice is that we're going out of town this weekend to meet S' family in Atlanta!! I think that's going to be fun. We're also having dinner with friends Thursday for Sis' and my birthday... and meeting Dad on Sunday for his birthday and ours... Sheesh, that's a lot!! :) Motivated or not, the week is here! I hope it is a pretty one.


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