Wednesday, May 20, 2009

This is exactly what I needed to see

I had no idea all these people had been adopted. All I can say is, wow. That is awesome. **Note, this is a pro-life ad, which I did not know when I posted it. That is not my intent to promote or offend others, either way.

But I do advocate Adoption and am so pleased that this ad was aired. I like it. I think it shows that life is what you make it. Warts and all. And we all have them. Don't we?



  1. It is really nice to meet you!

    Thanks for visiting me today!

    Yes, we have been seriously touched by adoption. I am a BIG adoption advocate!!!

    Your daughter is precious!


  2. WOW!!!!! I may post this too! Ahh, I love it! Thanks for posting it!
    you may have said before in a previous post, but do you think you'll adopt again from China? I've heard it's getting SO difficult and LONG!

  3. Wanted to say thanks for the great tip on my potty post!!! I think I'm ready to go for it! Also, I have adopted too and love seeing other blogs so pro-adoption. Thank you!