Monday, May 4, 2009

Digital phone

I started a post last Thursday and didn't complete it until this morning. Sorry for the lapse.

I did some essential cleaning this weekend. The stuff I hardly ever do... cleaned under the sinks (in the cabinets), and in the pantry. Oh boy. But it's done now. :) I need to get the office cleaned more, soon, too. But that'll wait for another day.

I ordered digital phone service probably 2 weeks ago, and just installed it today. It seems to be OK. But it only plugs into up to two I need to get one of those 3-phone phones where you have 3 receivers but only one plugs into the main line. Otherwise, I guess I'll need a really long cord to get one plugged into the other room. Oh well. Other than that, so far so good. (for my friends, I do still have the same phone number.)


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