Monday, May 4, 2009

Other randonmness

**for some reason this post is acting funny... can't get it to post properly... still trying.

Few more things of note...

That CashBaq link I have on the right side, actually works! I signed up and used it to buy a couple of things from stores I already use - HSN, QVC and just go to those sites after clicking the link on the CashBaq list. It does give you rebates and discounts. :) I have no affiliation whatsoever, but thought I'd let you all know it actually does work!

In the message from the other day I mentioned "sin". I haven't had anyone call me on this one yet, but please know that I'm a full believer in Jesus Christ and that I do believe that anything that keeps us from God in any way is a sin. That doesn't mean it makes me a bad person or whatever society thinks. And, we all sin. I just took the time to define/share one of mine.

I need a new DVD player. When I unplugged mine the other day, it wouldn't come back on correctly. :( Thankfully, they aren't too expensive these days, but it is an inconvenience!!

Have a great day!!


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