Wednesday, May 9, 2007


** Edited, 'cause I was just too mad last night for you all to see my spewing explatives. (caution, i did leave a few in here)

You know. There are just people in this world who are (words cannot really adequately describe them) - ENORMOUS IDIOTS who shouldn't be allowed to have their own children or to live on their own. They are JUST THAT STUPID and MEAN.

My Brother-in-Law is the KING of these bastards. And I do mean Bastard. (sorry, I don't usually curse here, but I'm FUMING mad!!!)

It isn't bad enough that he has gotten TWO (2) DUI's in the past year.... or the fact that he's been arrested for assaulting several people, or that it is OBVIOUS he's been cheating on my sister... or the fact that he kicked her out with nothing and "PRETENDS" that he doesn't owe her anything (what F-ing planet is he ON, anyway???? ......oh, maybe that's the BEER talking when he refuses to acknowledge her HALF of the marriage!!!! OMG. He is a true drunk-ass bastard. His friends are just as bad, but I'm not going to list them here. They know who they are, and they are pathetic.

So, what has me so mad? I mean, all this stuff has pissed me off for a good 3 months now... but oh, no. Today he had the audacity to tell my nephew "C" that his cousin Mia is NOT A BLOOD RELATIVE and he is NOT ALLOWED TO HAVE HER PICTURE IN THE HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!! WTF????? I swear I never saw that coming, but it doesn't surprise me, seeing he is the biggest IDIOT on the face of the planet.

I am positive God will take care of his awfulness. I'm just hoping some bad karma comes his way very soon. Forgive me, Lord. People like him, well, they belong in the stone ages. Oh, I forgot. They had ADOPTION back then too.

I swear to God, I'm seeing red, I'm so mad. I have absolutely NO sympathy for STUPID, MEAN people.



  1. I'm so sorry that someone so hurtful is embedded into your families life. I am a true believer in Karma and I have always seen it come around. You have every right to be mad and fight back!!!

  2. Don't let him steal your joy!!
    Happiness is the best revenge.....

    Get it out and let it go....
    You can't change him but you don't have to let him affect you. Change what you can control. (It will seriously annoy him that he can't annoy you....)

    Sorry he's such a jerk. Let's just realize what a great Mom you will be in comparison to him.

  3. I agree with c, don't let him steal your joy.

    But find a way to kick is a$$! Seriously.

  4. Don't let ignorance shadow your joy.

    Everyone's right. He'll get his in the long run. Especially if he keeps up the DUIs. He'll find his butt in a jail cell with a cellmate named Snooky.

    Hang in there!