Tuesday, May 8, 2007

That cute little face

I almost didn't want to post until I got another pic of Mia! LOL. But I did get a few things this weekend, that I'm happy to report.

Sis and I went garage-saling this weekend. As always, it was fun and an adventure. We found a super deal on a portable baby bed for her house! It is on wheels and we didn't have any trouble getting it in, at all. Woohoo!! We also found a couple more things for her house... a high chair, potty stool and, for her, an Entertainment center. It was a good day.

I can't wait 'til sis gets her furniture. She's going to really like spending time at her house then. The other thing that we did this weekend was get her lawn mowed. Sheesh, that's a job! But, she was blessed to find a decent lawn mower at a different garage sale, and that was fantastic. Her friend came over (with his lawn mower, too) and we all tag-teamed it.

Anyway, I'll post more info about Mia when I get it. I'm anxious to get more info, of course!!

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  1. Glad you had a good weekend and found some good deals! I hate mowing... I need to get out there and do the same. Maybe I can ask the neighbors to tag team it with me? Ha! Can't wait for updates on Mia!