Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Visa paperwork

I got our paperwork sent to get our Visas. Praying for a speedy return.

Thank you all for your warm wishes and thoughts for my first Mother's day. It was very nice, and I am very excited about the impending trip!! :) I put some pictures together for her to send in her care package, that I should have gotten in the mail already, but it will get done this week.

People say I am looking stressed these days. There is a lot going on. I just hope I can keep it all together!! lol.

Here are some family pics from the weekend. We did have a nice time! (I'm on the Left in the pics that I'm in.) Oh, and I had to add a 6 month pic of my little Maggi!!!


Look at that goofy face!!!
Nice looking family, If I do say so!!!
Nice Mommy - Son moment. :)

Oh no! She ate the WHOLE thing!!!! (ok, she didn't. we shared!!)
Love ya Sis.


  1. GREAT pictures! Maggie is a cutie! She is definitely in those 'teenage' puppy months ~ all ears and legs! :)

    You have a great family! That cake was unbelievable!

    I'm sure you will get all your jobs accomplished!!

  2. Hey Melissa! I love the pics, my God woman you are so beautiful!! And you look incredibly HAPPY (wonder why, right?). Man I just can't wait to see your girl in your arms- I am still feeling totally excited for you. Hang in there as you get yourself ready to go!

  3. Kris, aren't you sweet!! :) Yes, I wonder why I was so happy. haha. I'm just still so thrilled about her.