Monday, May 14, 2007

Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day (a day late) to all the Moms (and soon-to-be-Moms) out there!! :) I hope someone out there made you feel extra-special and loved!!

I had a great weekend. Sis and I spent most of the time with my nephew and it was really fun (apart from xBIL messing with Sis again). We went garage-saling and had a lot of fun. Thank goodness G-saling is so cheap!! hehe.

My nephew kept telling everyone that his Mom is a "hero" because she rescued 5 tiny, baby kittens and is hand-feeding them (they are *maybe* a week old)! And, of course, she is a hero (even when she doesn't feel like one). My nephew was enthralled, to say the least, and had a blast helping feed the kitties and loving on them. He's such a little man these days!

So, my dad took us all out to lunch yesterday for Mother's day. It was great! They got Sis and I each a hanging plant for outside that are just gorgeous. My nephew (who is 6) washed Sis' car yesterday, and I mowed her front yard. :)

My dad got me the greatest Mother's day card that says (it is worth putting here...)

Bringing up a Daughter
can be a challenge and a joy-
a challenge
when you think
of all the things
you want for her -
and independence,
and love....

...and a joy
when she turns out to be like you -
a daughter who has
so many wonderful qualities,
who means so much more
than you ever thought possible,
who gives love in more ways
than you ever imagined.

Happy Mother's Day
with Love.

say it with me.... Awwwwwwwww. Really made me cry.

Love you Dad.



  1. What a sweet card! I'm glad you had such a great day!

    Happy Mother's Day (belated) ;o)

  2. Happy Mother's Day.

    You now rank the title!

  3. Bless your Dad. Love is a wonderful thing indeed...

  4. Sweet card from your dad. Hope your nephew gets an 8X10 photo of his new cousin for his room.

    By the way, since you are waiting and all for TA I tagged you for a meme. You have nothing better to do right? Just kidding, promise. Looking at your daughter's face and packing are very important. Packing is stressful hope you get it all done soon and get TA sooner.


  5. Wow. That is incredibly sweet of your dad. What a wonderful gift.

  6. That is beautiful. And from your dad too....makes it more special.