Thursday, May 10, 2007

Ignorant people

So, last night, as you all could see, my (thank God) soon to be ex- BIL told my very smart and precious nephew that his new cousin isn't a blood relative and therefore not worthy of having her picture in his house. Out came fuming, mad Mamma.

The reason I was (and am still) so mad is because I was really never expecting Jake to do that to me. I know that is silly on my part, seeing just how he's treated my sister for years, but I had hope there. We will make our own family. It will be fine.

As for other ignorant people, I'm not *quite* as worried... I'm more expectant of that. I half-hoped that it would never happen, but it will. I know it. I've put myself in a unique position, and a happy one for me, and other people don't understand it. That is their stupidity, not mine. She will be MINE, all mine (mine, mine, mine, haha). My daughter. (and, this does not mean i negate her biological parents in any way, but she will be my daughter.)

I am SO thrilled to finally see my daughter's face. I cannot wait to have her here in my arms. And, I do not plan to always refer to her as my adopted daughter. UGH. She is just solely "My Daughter". The act of adoption makes us family... and just as much family as if she were born from my womb.



  1. You are right your BIL is an assbackward jerk. I hope you explained it to your nephew more politely than his own sperm donor dad.

    She is your daughter, don't you love that? your daughter!!!


  2. hmm...He does make us men look bad, doesn't he? Inevitably, some will look at it like way.

    I think it should be noted, and so far unmentioned by others who visit your blog, that it takes sizeable humanity not just to adopt but to adopt outside your race. That level of compassion will always elude myopic people, such as your BIL, who have the vindictiveness to take out his anger over a divorce on an infant.

  3. I believe that karma will get your BIL. At least, I'm really hoping it will. And I hope that you're there to see it take a big bite out of his butt head. HA HA HA

    In other news, hearing you talk about YOUR DAUGHTER makes me so happy inside. :-)What blessings you will be for each other, to have such love and Momma-bear feelings before you even hold her!!

  4. Damn Melissa, sorry about your BIL-sad that he lacks any maturity or brain cells.

    As for your daughter, her adoption is a moment in time, what brought her into your family, not a state of being, right? She is all yours, yours, yours!

  5. They say blood is thicker than water I say love is thicker than blood!
    He needs prayer! A LOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!