Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Still waiting for THE CALL

I'm still waiting for THE CALL..... it is 1:30pm my time, and I'm definitely anxious!!!

I've gotten calls from Sis, Misty, Ellen, my brother Joe.... we're all anxiously waiting, I see!! hahaha. :) I'm so glad I have my family and friends, I'd be crazy without them.

I'm going to go mow my lawn...the backyard, 'cause it doesn't take too long. :) Oh, I guess that means I forgot to mention I came home about 15 minutes ago and will be home for the rest of the day panicking! LOL :D



  1. I'm glad you posted something, because I keep checking in with you. Wishing you lots of luck!!!

  2. Thank you, Shannon!! I'm a nervous wreck, and it is like Christmas...all in one! :)

  3. hang in there! I'm looking foreward to seeing your good news!

  4. They start usually at noon Colorado time, hang in there... I'm betting the phone will ring before 4pm... if it hasn't already...
    SOOOOOOO excited for you!

  5. Hang in there, Missmeliss!! (Kris sent me via her blog, by the way!)

    I'm on pins & needles with ya!

    lucky momma to a sweetie from Hubei

  6. Breathe in, breathe out....

    Popped in to check to see if you had any news, I'll come back after you mow your yard!