Monday, December 22, 2008


I'm excited about Christmas. I would say that Christmas is my favorite holiday, even if it has become beyond commercialized and secularized. So, I thought I'd share my thoughts on the real Christmas and say Happy Birthday to Jesus... my Lord and Savior and best friend.

Christmas is a celebration of Life... the life that was born, that is the Word, the Truth and the Life. God incarnate. Our savior. I am forever grateful to God that He made the way for us to be in relationship with Him... not that there wasn't a way before. I believe there was. But us people messed up and got caught up in all the laws, rules and dogma of what we *should* do... and forgot the simplest truth of all. LOVE. Love God, love our neighbors... friends, relatives, enemies... and ourselves. Love, Love, Love.

Most of us feel so unlovable. Don't we? I know I have felt so unlovable so many times in my life. That is here on the horizontal plane. But the vertical line that connects me to God is filled with love. It is something I know. I feel it. And when I am feeling unlovable in other parts of my life, all I have to do is look up and pray.

I watched a show last night about twins. Actually, it was about how twins develop in the womb, and it was awe inspiring. Scientists are unsure why some identical twins aren't so identical... one might have a disease that the other one doesn't... even though they have the 'same genes'. When you see a baby in the womb, you will just be awe struck over the way that they develop. How is that not God? It is... it just is.

Which brings me back to Jesus. Happy Birthday Jesus. There was a time when you were in the womb. I wonder how Mary must have felt. Not only a baby, but God incarnate. Wow. Talk about awe and amazement. What is even better is Easter. When we see the fruition of Jesus' life.

So, I hope you will take a few moments this week to relish in the awe of life, love and God. I am.


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