Friday, December 5, 2008

Keep thinking...

I have been obsessed with adoption sites and stories again, lately. I'm trying to figure out why I think I could possibly handle two children... and how I might move forward... So, I keep praying. These thoughts aren't going away, so now I need to figure out why and what to do. ***as I sat here thinking of it... one of my fellow contractors just got laid off*** OMG. just gonna pray...

Lil M is doing great. We've had a long week. She hasn't been napping well, and I haven't been sleeping well. We've both had some sinus issues, but for the most part are in good moods, as usual. Some interesting little facts recently for Lil M:

She likes beans, any kind! (my girl!!) :)
She doesn't like meat too much (my girl!!) lol she would rather have beans than chicken.
She told me FOR THE FIRST time this week when she pooed her diaper!
She told Aiyee Mimi FOR THE FIRST time - to anyone, I'm so jealous - I love you Mimi!!!
She likes Blues Clues, Oswald, and Diego (he has a cat)
Her favorite stuffed animal right now is "Meow" her cat from Auntie Ellen. :)
She tells the Dog-dogs bye bye every morning when we leave.
She says nigh-nigh to the dog-dogs, cat (manna), moo (stuffed cow), meow (stuffed cat) and mommy.


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