Saturday, December 6, 2008


I had to take Manna back to the vet today (yet another $110) to get her thyroid checked and weight checked. She went from 5lb 11oz last time to 6lb 09 oz today! Very nice. She's definitely been eating more. It would be nice if she gained a little more. They want to keep her on the same dosage for 30 more days, and will let me know Monday how her blood-work looks.

It snowed overnight! Mia didn't like it on her shoes... but maybe after her nap, I might take her out to play. :) We'll see if she likes it then... or maybe I'll wait until there is more snow on the ground.


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  1. Knowing how Mia loves shoes, maybe she didn't like the snow in her shoes because it messed with her stylin'! LOL