Friday, December 19, 2008

How much is too much

So, I love to shop... and I tend to go pretty overboard for Christmas... for Lil M and Nephew, it will look like enough toys and such for probably 4 kids! But, you know, if we didn't do that, it wouldn't feel normal. Is that sad? lol. Actually, I don't usually buy expensive gifts for them, so they have lots to open... but I did get Chase a more expensive present this year. I hope he likes it. I got him a Nintendo DS Lite - with Pokemon on it.

Anyway, how much is too much? Do you have a limit? When it comes to Nephew and Sis... I don't usually have a limit. Maybe that's bad... but I love doing it. Of course, my bank account doesn't love it so much. I try to not just do this type of stuff at Christmas. Christmas is special, for other reasons...

This Christmas is a little tougher, because Sis doesn't have Chase on Christmas Day... only Christmas Eve. But we're going to treat it like Christmas morning, anyway.

Oh, Manna got sick yesterday morning and left an awful stain on the carpet. :( God love her. Now, I used some Resolve pet stain remover on it... and it is still there. Not happy about that. Got to figure out how to get the carpets looking better by the 3rd of Jan, 'cause Mom and Sis are coming over!! Oh, and my range hood (over the stove) has the stupid vent cover thing coming off... looks like a wire mesh thing. I took it off and it looks awful. And here I've been trying to get the house looking better!! NEVER - ENDING.

Another note, Mia hasn't been napping at daycare again. :( She seems so tired in the evenings... I wish I knew how to get her to nap there...


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