Monday, December 29, 2008

What a wonderful Christmas!!!!

The first pic is of Mia on Saturday... she's 28 months old now!!! WOW! :) She looks like a little dancer in this pic, I think it is so cute.

The rest of the pics are from Christmas morning. :) The first couple are of her and her new American Doll, Ruthie (from Scott)!! And then of her new handbag and headband! My little angel loves her accessories!! hehehe

Speaking of Lil M... she's just amazing. I know I say that over and over... but she is one of the happiest little souls I've ever met!!! I'm COMPLETELY and totally in love with her (as any mommy should be).... She makes me smile!!

Have a happy New Year!!



  1. she is getting SO big- and she is just SO CUTE!!

    glad you guys had a great christmas. happy new year too!

    go say hi to tom, he had a bad loss yesterday (can link him from my post today).