Tuesday, November 10, 2009


I really appreciate and love my family and friends. Especially some of you... you know who you are... you are the ones who always have my back. Checking on me... reassuring me when I'm feeling down. Rallying behind/beside me when I want to do something crazy. ;-) I just wanted to give you all a shout out... well, 'cause I can. :)

I'm off tomorrow for Veteran's day. I am glad for the time off, but I'm also thankful for our Veterans. Without them... we wouldn't be "free". God Bless America.

Let's see... I leaf-blew my leaves last night... and need to get them bagged. So, praying it doesn't rain... I'll do that tomorrow. I also need to get some laundry done... well, put away. And, of course, house cleaning. Specifically...the floors, oh boy.

Lil M was funny tonight... I went to go upstairs and she kept telling the dogs... That's MY Mommy. Don't touch MY Mommy... Stay away from MY Mommy.... that's MY Mommy's coffee, Skippy... it's not yours... LOL very cute, and protective she is.



  1. It’s nice to have friends and family one can depend on. That is most assuredly true. And now that the holiday season is upon us, it’s especially nice to share with them this time of year:0) And cutie-patootie likes to protect her mom! That’s pretty awesome.

    I second that shout out to all our veterans. Can you imagine where we would be without them?

    Here’s some trivia you can impress your friends with next time you go to a party: Did you know that the original name of L. Ron Hubbard’s landmark book Dianetics was actually titled Diarrhetics? I had no idea of this, and, most importantly, why such a name??? Also, contrary to popular belief, Mount Rushmore is actually a NATURAL rock formation! Over the course of billions of year, Mother Nature, using water and wind erosion, miraculously carved the faces of four men who would one day bear a striking similarity to some of our greatest presidents. This is simply amazing! ;0)

  2. isn't she funny? ;) you should hear her say it too... priceless.

    your trivia is pretty impressive!! LOL