Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Piece of advice

When someone you know has adopted from China (and you sit 3 cubes away from them at work)... don't LOUDLY proclaim you don't want to go to the Chinese restaurant for your company Christmas luncheon because "You're Not Chinese". It's rude.

Ok... now that I got that out.... besides the ex-bil thing... we're doing OK here. :) Now, if only I could figure out how to get all the laundry put away (i get it washed, dried and folded, mind you)... and the furniture dusted and floors vacuumed... oh wait, get off your lazy arse silly and just do it...

Couldn't I just hire a Maid Service?

Nope. Money don't grow on trees around here, chick-a-dee. ;-)

Lil M helped me bag up about 9 bags of leaves last night. (i didn't actually count, but it was a ton) She was super helpful! I would have taken pics ('cause you know I always do!), but we were in a time crunch (since I refused to work on them this past weekend, LOL)

I also baked the huge pumpkin we got at the pumpkin patch last month. It will make some yummy treats. I started off with a pumpkin/raisin custard... and that turned out pretty good. Next, maybe oatmeal-pumpkin cookies...

See, that's why I haven't gotten the more boring, mundane, ALWAYS there, normal chores done yet! ;-)



  1. I don’t think this person deliberately set out to throw a racially derogatory jab at you. But the comment was definitely insensitive. Perhaps saying something to the effect of “I don’t like Chinese food too much” or suggesting attending another restaurant when the one offering Chinese cuisine was brought up may have been the more diplomatic way of doing things. But to say I’m not going to a Chinese restaurant because I’m not Chinese is a comment only a buffoon could make at close proximity to someone with a child who is Chinese. It’s similar in rank to the comment a man from church (?) made a couple of years or so ago asking you if Mia was adopted. Remember that one?

  2. oh, i know you're right, tom... but it was still rude. and, yep, it was sort of like that...

  3. You're definitely correct. If the comment was anything, "stupid" is the first word I should have used to describe it. I think it may even bear some similarities to the person who said it (I don't know them but they obviously can't be very bright).

  4. i agree, tom. :) i just don't think people think. and i don't think it was racially motivated jab at me or mia... but it was just rude.

    and, then, i had to write a follow-up about my being sensitive, 'cause the same people call me too sensitive.

    reminds me of adoptees who share their stories of when people say insensitive things directly to their face or in their presence and then they (the adoptee or person of color) is put down again (after sharing their discomfort) because the other person says that they are just 'being too sensitive'. gah.