Monday, November 16, 2009

At it again


Well, Jacka$ is at it again. He's filed an appeal against Sis winning the divorce hearing. OMG. It won't ever end, I guess. I have no idea his chances of winning, but let me say this... he's still LYING his ass off.

It makes me so mad, I could spit.

I don't feel like I can write much about it, and he's insinuated he has read my blog (and supposedly what Sis writes about somewhere...?)... I'm almost to the point of locking my blog down for awhile, or forever... or moving it. :( And I don't want to do that, really.

(end rant)



  1. That guy is such a piece of dirt. I feel so bad for your sister and mostly for her son. What a tool.

  2. If you move your blog to wordpress you can password protect individual posts and not your entire blog. Sorry your sis is going through this...

  3. He’s just seeking some kind of retribution. He knows he can’t win, but he is satisfied for at least putting your sis through an unpleasant moment. But I would never acquiesce to the whims of some demented deformity and his babyish conduct. Fell free to delete my comments if you feel there might be a backlash to either you of your sister

  4. well, shannon... yes he is!!! and i feel the worst for chase. the unfortunate thing is that jacka$$ is doing this to get back at SIS not anything really to do for his own son. :(

    i hate to move blogs... i've been here for over 5 years... it'd almost be like starting over, wouldn't it? :(

    tom, you can say whatever you like. :)