Thursday, November 19, 2009


So, I've been told for a long time by certain people that I'm "too sensitive" when it comes to my daughter (race, adoption). And all I can say to this is... I'd rather be too sensitive than not be sensitive enough. Of course, you wish you could be perfect... but that I'm not.

I do care when people make racial comments (Chinese or other). I think in today's world it is completely inappropriate and rude. I don't really care if you're old and/or not in the know. Learn how to be nice.

I do care when people make adoptive families out to not be 'real' families... (like that new show called "find my family"... that infers that the family you've been with your whole life isn't important.

I do care when people say insensitive things, and while I realize I can't always be there to protect my daughter... and it isn't my responsibility to educate the whole world... It still bothers me, and I can't help but to react.

So there. I'm sensitive. Whatever. Sue me. What's YOUR issue? Surely, you're not perfect either.

Of course, that's just my opinion... and, I'm entitled to it.



  1. You remind me of how protective my mom was with us when we were growing up. Although she is very nice, if you made any gestures or spoke any words about her kiddies that were less than nice, watch out! So per that experience, I'm the last person on earth to criticize how protective you are over Mia:0)

    “I do care when people make adoptive families out to not be 'real' families... “

    I would not justify a comment like that with a rebuttal. People who make statements like those are very, very ignorant. Give them your pity, not your wrath. They have NO idea of what real love is all about.

  2. *i heart you tom* ;-) that's exactly what it is like. don't mess with my Mia. :) (not you... i mean, in general!! LOL)

    i'll try to give them my pity next time. it's hard... 'cause you just want to shake some sense into them!!

  3. I don't think any adoptive family would ever think you were being 'too sensitive' regarding any of this stuff. Sometimes it is only other adoptive families who 'get' it. And whilst it is nice to think you have educated someone, it's not our role in life. Our role is to be the best parents we can be.