Sunday, November 8, 2009

Orphan Sunday

Part of National Adoption Month this year includes a day to prayerfully consider our world's orphans; that day is today. Today is Orphan Sunday.

To me, this means thinking about and praying for all the children in need here at home, and abroad. Is there something you can do to help even just one?

Family reunification?
Foster care?
Big Brother/Big Sister?
Supporting a friend who is a Social Worker?

Please consider all children in need today!

Cry of the Orphan event in Nashville at 4pm CST as a Webcast! We can all be a part of this event...



  1. I'm watching as I write these comments, and while the concert is celebratory in nature, I also find myself quite saddened. Are the children performing all in need of adoption? Even if they’re not and are among the fortunate to have found a loving home, I can’t help thinking about the many others with similar faces who are still without families. You see a very different picture of adoption when the face of a human child has been attached to it.

  2. I was wondering the same thing... looks like some of them are in care of some type,

    Yes, it changes you... i'm watching it too!!!

  3. Steven Curtis Chapman is just amazing... he has a beautiful heart, you can hear it in his music.

    He and his wife adopted 3 children from China... they lost one child last year due to a very tragic accident... and they still get out and advocate.

    I hope everyone who hears him is blessed, and opens their hearts to the children.