Friday, November 20, 2009

Toddler Bed

Lil M has been sleeping in her crib up until tonight... tonight, she's in her new (to her) toddler bed, thanks to my friend at work! Her son, who is 5, just graduated to a big bed... and so she gave me his toddler bed! :)

My baby is growing up! Let's see how she does tonight. :) Her very first-ever night in her big-girl bed!! I guess I should get her something cute to make her bed look special, huh? She seemed pretty excited, so I hope this goes over well!

I think we're going to see the new movie The Blind Side tomorrow. This is still National Adoption Month... and tomorrow, the 21st, is National Adoption Day!! The Blind Side is the movie with Sandra Bullock that is about a successful older child adoption. Please go see it!! :)



  1. So Cutie-Patootie has a new bed for toddlers! I think she’ll enjoy her new little sleeping place:0) It may take her a little while to get used to, but she will eventually adapt. Let’s see how she does this first night.

    I love my race car bed. I’ve wrecked in it twice, but thankfully it came standard with side-impact airbags. It also came with a potty compartment and mini bar (which really compliment each other) and enough sitting space for all my awesome possums from Sesame Street. You don’t know what it’s like to party until you’ve gotten tanked with Ernie and Bert. How those two can toss down their firewater and still drive a straight line is beyond me. Go Ernie! Go Ernie! Go Bert! Go Bert!

  2. Oh I want to see that movie soo bad! It looks like its going to be a good one. Hope she sleeps like a dream!