Saturday, November 7, 2009

Lil M and her swing

Lil M and her BFF MK2... they were playing with "her" phone this morning...
Ok, Lil M cracks me up. I have left her baby swing sitting in the family room for months... and she's getting kind of big to swing in it.... I mean, technically, she still weighs under the max weight for the swing... but she is 3 now!! I just hadn't put it in the shed... Here's the proof. ;-)

Oh, and the mark on her face was from a fall on the sidewalk at daycare. :( But, of course, she's fine!



  1. Like I wrote previously, Cutie-Patootie is growing up FAST! Before you know it’s pre-school/ kindergarten, then BAM!, teen-age years arrive. That’s why it’s so important to enjoy this phase of their lives:0)

    I can remember when she got her swing - which was around the same time I got mine - and she could fit quite nicely in it. Time sure does pass by fast, doesn’t it? Now she’s getting to be a big girl for her swing, while I still play on mine with Ernie and Bert. Ernie and Bert are inseparable and I’m told VERY good friends.

    By any chance can Mia prank call anyone from that phone? Yesterday I kept getting phone calls where somebody on the other end giggled when I answered then quickly hung up. It happened about nine times. Next time it happens I’m going to look on my caller ID for their phone number and call them right back. Let see how they like it when I start to giggle on the phone when they answer and yell out “Big Bird rules!” just before I hand up. Ha! I’m a criminal master mind.

  2. hahaha. :) She is getting to be a big girl, isn't she?!

    yes, i hear bert and ernie are best of buddies!! ;-)

    i'll have to let her know that someone might be yelling BIG BIRD on the other end, so she doesn't get scared!! hehe