Sunday, November 1, 2009

Weekend Update

Lil M had fun last night going trick or treating with Aiyee Mimi and Geempa (grandpa). I let her wear her costume all day yesterday and she really seemed to enjoy that, too.

Here's the one pic I liked from the pumpkin patch that I didn't get posted before.

Lil M and grandpa went trick or treating...

Lil M and Aiyee Mimi go trick-or-treating...

I'm still having a rough time this weekend, but I guess I'll have to figure how to get over it at some point.



  1. Little Mia looks cute trick-or-treating! I’ll bet she got lots of candy and wants to get her little hands on it all at once. But I’m sure you’re there to regulate how much she can have:0)

    Say, did they give out Starbucks instead of candy at the neighborhood you visited? What caring neighbors you must have! Just imagine having your own cappuccino machine at the ready, with all the flavors and blends of a Starbucks outlet, poised for brewing and mixing at the sound of “Trick-or-Treat!” Just fantastic. Oh I can imagine little kids bouncing off the walls when they got home this past Halloween night. Thank God Little M has you to look after what treats she was getting;0)

    I, too, dressed up for Halloween this year and went to a Halloween party. I liked my costume, but I’m choosing a different one next year. The diaper rash just isn’t worth it.

    It’s going to be a while before you feel better again. These things take time. Believe me, I’ve been there. But eventually, like the adage goes, this, too, shall pass.

    I would recommend you listen to your favorite torch songs, but doggone it that country museek is just not rat for tams lak these! We all lose a truck, Baylee Ann. Ain’t no reasoun to cra over spilled molasses, as ma uncle Donny Duane used to say.

    Takes care,

  2. Mia is precious as usual! So glad she had fun.

    I'm with Tom. Give yourself time to grieve. You had a two year relationship - you aren't going to "get over it" in a week. Time does heal all wounds. I will be praying for you.

  3. Thanks, Tom and Lynn!!

    Yes, Mia had a lot of fun Sat. night. Mommy didn't let her have much candy, though!! LOL. Mean mommy.

    darn that diaper rash, tom!

    Yes, it will likely be awhile before I feel OK again. :( Really upsetting. And why I'm even worried about him, I'm not sure. UGH. waahwaahwaah.