Thursday, December 17, 2009

3 mice and our ornaments...

I have a small box sitting on one of the branches on the Christmas tree... it has 3 mice in it - finger puppets... Mia asked me tonight - Mommy, why do you have a box on the Christmas tree??

....and then proceeded to take me over to see the mice and touch them (actually pet their little heads). haha.

Then I showed her "our" ornaments... two Candy Canes and two Snow Men globes with our names on them... she LOVED that. :D Then she called the red Christmas ornaments apples... I told her we can't eat those. ;-)

A few minutes later she took me back to the Christmas tree to show her "our" ornaments... God, I love that girl. :) (guess i should take a picture, huh?)

ps. i still have a cold (probably why i look so awful in this morning's pic). actually, it's gotten worse. bah. :( i was hanging onto the notion that it was just going to hover, nope. oh well... this too shall pass!! lol

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  1. That ornament (yours and Mia’s) is now infused with tradition. Someday, when Mia is all grown up and has her own place with her own tree and her own little ones, she’ll have that to put on her Christmas tree and reflect - as all who have had loving parents and a decent childhood - with nostalgia and a desire “to go back” to the times of those memories. I feel that way once in a while when I come across certain mementoes or drive down certain streets.

    I saw Toby’s (my dog) Christmas letter to Santa and I was bewildered by the things he was asking. He requested a pair of tiger-striped spandex, a garter belt, and a copy of the book “Sex and the Single Girl.” What on earth would a pup want with those things? What did Marissa - I mean Skippy - write in his letter to Santa? Should I take Toby to see a counselor? I think he might also suffer from Boanthropy (this is when someone thinks they are a bovine).