Friday, December 4, 2009

Find My Family - show

This article sums up how I feel about ABC's new show Find My Family.

Read the article here.

If you have adopted, you might feel like I do. This show is so sensationalized and makes it seem like the only thing that matters to an adoptee is finding their birth family. I'm not an adoptee, but people are more complex than that. Oi.

That being said, I do want Lil M to know it is OK for her to search if/when she ever wants to. It's just that I don't agree with the media perpetuating the idea that an adoptive family's relationship to their child isn't 'as good as'....



  1. I have read a lot of stories or books about their experiences on adopting, it is my greatest joy to see these people doing what others dare not to do,so many innocent and youthful life are saved and improved
    by finding homes filled with true love...

    please stop by my place and let me know your thoughts.

    take good care.

  2. I'm a bit confused by the whole set-up of that show. What is motivating the individuals who are searching for their so-called "real family” in this television format? Is ABC deliberately searching for individuals who have been adopted, but who are also unhappy with their adopted families to make this program work? It seems to me that if an individual who is adopted and has strong filial bonds to his or her adopted family, going on a show entitled Find My Family would be a slap on the face to them.

    Something about this is very, very odd.

  3. Speaking as an adoptive mother, of course I understand my children were born to someone else, but that does not a family make. And if they choose to search for their birth parents when they are adults, I would be supportive and helpful. However, that being said, adoptive families are not temporary custodians of a child until they are “found” by their “family”. The host actually said, “I believe that every adopted person’s dream is to be found”. That is pretty presumptuous and insulting. Are they suggesting that they are lost? Adult adoptees and biological relatives can find each other, if they so choose, through confidential and private means. No one is denying the fact that biological connections are there. If the makers of this show truly had that intention, then start a web site and/or organization to assist them if need be. But that is not their intention. Their intention is to sensationalize, exploit and make money.

  4. Agreed... with all of you.

    It IS odd. The woman who is the host bothers me... she IS presumptuous. Like she knows what EVERY other adoptee is feeling out there? I think not.