Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas morn

Only a couple of pics for now. Little Miss M with her dora backpack and the stockings...

*T* and Lil M (in front) and Nephew and Sis (in back)

Mama and Lil M... she totally digs the mermaid dora. :)
Sis has my camera and card, so I only had a couple I could show for now. Hopefully, will have better pics in a couple of days.


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  1. Did you say Dora as in Dora the Explorer? Oh cool! How come I don’t get stuff like that for Christmas? Little Mia looks so happy with her Christmas presents!

    You know, one of the most painful things I’ve had to do as a grown man was to walk away from my Barbie collection. It was occupying a tremendous place in my life and ultimately got in the way of work and was beginning to debilitate my social life. However, I couldn't resist going back to collecting again after Mattel released “Totally Tattoos” Barbie in 2009 with tattoos in the lower back. Awesome!

    Now I have to get a tattoo in my lower back cause Barbie ain’t getting all the glam around here. She’s not better than me just cuz she’s got Ken (who by the way is a total player). You should have seen him at Whitney’s party last month. He kept buying me drink after drink after drink but I was like no thank yoooouuuu. I even called girlfriend Barbie on the phone the following day and told her about her boyfriend’s behavior and she accused me of egging him on! What?? Just cause I wear a mini doesn’t mean I’m inviting advances. Besides, if I wanted Ken, don’t you think I could have gotten him at half-price either on eBay or Toys "R" Us? Sheesh.