Friday, December 11, 2009

Cold and a cold

I didn't mean to neglect the blog all week. I was busier than usual, I guess... on Wed. we had a power outage in my area and that sort of stunk. Work and and home the power was out, and man was it cold out! I got chilled and couldn't get warm... the power did come back on after a few hours, but it was a bit stressful, 'cause I got us locked out of the house on accident. (the screen door was locked and I don't have a key... how? not sure...) But it ended up fine. Auntie Ellen came over and checked on us to make sure we were ok, and, thankfully, when she showed up the power had come back on. Thank God. :) So, we all went to dinner... Chinese food. YUM. So, she didn't have to save us or anything, but it was good to have a friend around, that's for sure.

...and then toward the end of the week I ended up with a stupid cold. So, we've been house-bound since Thurs. Oh well. :( We were going to go see the new movie The Princess and the Frog, but I try to not go out when I'm sick. I don't like spreading cooties. Nor, do I really feel like going out when I feel bad. So, we've stayed in.

Lil M is good, but she's a little sniffly too. Hoping I'll feel better by tomorrow.... I imagine she will be, 'cause she's just a little sniffly.

She's been liking to read The Three Little Pigs... I'll puff and I'll puff... (instead of huff and puff), lol. And now she's playing a little spider in her spider suit. lol. I'm calling her my little miss spidey and she's singing the itsy bitsy spider song.



  1. So sorry you’re feeling under the weather. I, too, am battling a reoccurring sinus infection that seems to surface every two weeks or so. Thank God that this whole winter thing will be over in about twelve weeks here in Vegas.

    “She's been liking to read The Three Little Pigs...”

    Me too!!! I started reading it last week and I’m halfway through mine. Can Cutie-patootie spare me an additional two weeks of reading and let me know how it ends? I tried to cheat a little by skipping a few pages towards the end. I managed to stop myself but not before reading the words “Jimmy Dean Breakfast.” ;0) What do they mean? Were the three little pigs hungry? Was the wolf just trying to use the restroom? In my version of the T.L.P’s, one of the little pigs was on methadone. Is he done walking the streets? I can’t wait for the movie!

  2. Um...I just sampled your music playlist and for a second I thought I was being chased by a gang of outlaws;0)

    I’m-a-callin' the sheriff, Mabel. I tinks this type of music encourages them there bandidos to terrorize chicken coops and vandalize ma precious outhouses. We already had somethin’ h'ppen while Grandpa Yodel was inside one of ‘em rooms, and I aint never heard a man yowl that load in ma life. It’s just wasn’t natural. Now, how you dial 9-1-1 on this thingamajig.

    Takes care,

  3. Sorry, Mabel, the word should be "loud" not "load." Ma horsey caint take dictation too good.

  4. tom, well... i'm surprised you hadn't pulled up a rocking chair with your overalls on... and big cup of joe. :) we like all kinds of music around here.

    i'm sure Lil M would be glad to wait two more weeks to finish the three little pigs. :) you must have a different copy than us... 'cause ours talks about wolf pie.


    how's your christmas spirit coming along?


  5. My Christmas spirits are alive and kicking! How about Cutie-patootie? Is she ready for the holidays? For me - and I’m sure for you as well - Christmas makes more sense when there are children around.

    Hope you're feeling better from that nasty cold.

    “[W]e like all kinds of music around here.”

    Really? That’s so awesome! Do you like Belgian country? Have you ever heard of a group called Le Grand Fromage Foofiel? They actually wrote a love song about pomme frites (French fries) entitled “Passer le Ketchup” (Pass the Ketchup). It is absolutely beautiful and worth knowing French just to understand the lyrics. I get verklempt every time I listen to it.

    When their album debuted in 2008, it was very carefully packaged and sealed, since inside the CD was a complimentary thin slice of blue cheese bearing the image and likeness of the lead singer, Boubou Bouboule. Yum!

  6. Saludos, que estes bien, paz y bien