Monday, December 7, 2009

Christmas party

We had a nice time at the Christmas party Friday night. A friend took some pics of Lil M trying to play this horn... (taken on an iphone)

Left to right, Andrew, me, Greg, Tanya, Mike, Kim and Mia in front. Andrew, Greg and Mike and I are co-workers. Tanya and Kim are spouses. For some reason, Andrew's wife didn't get in the pic! But Lil M did!! :)



  1. I didn’t know cutie-patootie could play the horn! No wonder she looks like the life of the party in these pics;0)

    I’ve been invited to a Christmas party on the 18th of this month, and I can almost guarantee you that Mister Tom will have a drink or two. This is the only time of year that I drink, if you don’t count the other times in the year in which I do (does Odoul’s count as hard liquor?) Perhaps I might throw caution to the wind at this year’s yuletide escapade and have a Diet Coke...caffeinated. I never know the things I did while on caffeine until after I read the police report.

    I would like to bring Enrnie and Bert with me to the Christmas party, since they are just abtholutely fabulouth to hang around with. (Sorry. When I get happy about something I start to lisp and put “th” where an “s” should go). E & B also know a lot about mixed drinks (the LOVE mixed drinks!), and like to entertain party guests with stories of their drunken stupors while on the set of Sesame Street. When E & B attend a soiree, they never miss out on getting an Aggravated Alexander, followed by a Baha Baked Bahi Bahi, a Vladimir’s Mangled Lovebite, and their all time favorite: Flaming Homemade Hemingway. And if you think those names are funny, you should check out the names of their drinks:0)

  2. thanks, Tom!!! :) yes she was the life of the party!

    living on the wild side with the caffeinated diet coke, eh?!! make sure you put some liquor in it :)

    I bet Ernie and Bert would love to go to your party with you... especially with all their lively friends! Just make sure you are all wearing matching outfits and you'll be the life of the party too!!! :)