Wednesday, December 16, 2009

It's beginning to...

look a lot like Christmas?? Nope, not around here... not just yet, anyway. I left all the Christmas paper Sis and I bought at her house on accident, so tonight I bought a couple of rolls so that I could at least get a few things wrapped before Christmas Eve. Of which, I cannot believe that is next week!!! Oh my.

Lil M told me today that the reason for Christmas was Santa. :( I realize that's what everyone talks about for Christmas, but really Santa is NOT the reason. THIS is why I used to say that I wouldn't do Santa at all... and then I've conceded. But now, I've got to figure out how to start explaining Jesus to my 3 year old... clearly, I haven't been doing my job on that.

And then, on that note... they will have Santa tomorrow at daycare. I was going to put her in a dress for a pic... but now, I'm not. I will be there with her, though.

Now, I don't need everyone to be worried that I am all upset this happened. I was just surprised. And, now I know. And I know that I need to fix it. Because, the Lord Jesus Christ is my savior and I want her to know Him too. I don't mind a bit of Santa... but he is NOT the reason for the season. Jesus is.



  1. I don't usually respond to your blog. Yes, I know, I'm a bad friend. ;)

    But this one posting rubs me the wrong way, because of just how much this issue really ticks me off.

    There are those who would push Christmas, Christ's Birthday, away from Jesus. And there are those who will point it at Santa. That is the thing that really kills me. Especially since these fools who claim that Christmas is more about Santa and such seem to have no idea whatsoever who Santa is.

    You see, Santa is real.

    No, I'm not one of those people attempting to relive his childhood. I mean it - Santa Claus is REAL. Santa Claus = Sinter Klaus, which is a corruption of Saint Nick, who is none other than Saint Nicholas. One of the most revered Saints in the Christian (Catholic) religion.

    Here is a good reference to learn where our Christmas traditions originate from.

    See? You can still talk about Santa AND show how it all leads back to Jesus. :)

  2. Joe... dear... i wasn't trying to take away from good old St. Nick (though, he did not wear a big red suit and wasn't commercialized like now...)

    I just need Mia to know about Jesus.

    It's a good time to teach her about all of those things, I guess.

  3. Oh, no, I am not offended by anything YOU said. I mean that it all leads back to Jesus, one way or another, doesn't it. I'm saying that Santa is a good lead-in TO Jesus, if you stick to the original story. :)

  4. I think Joe makes an excellent point.

    I also undertand the ideas that you were trying to get across.

    I agree.

  5. We have explained Santa to our three year old by stating that it is Jesus' birthday party and Santa delivers presents to each of us to honor Jesus' birthday. We review the Nativity scene and she seems to get a little of it. As she gets older, we will continue to "believe" in the modern/commercialized Santa (yes, we know the story of St. Nick too) and tie it back to giving to others with gifts on birthdays.
    We are open to how others explain it too.
    Merry Christmas.

    Alyzabeth's Mommy