Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A bit bummed

Yesterday, we got bad news at work... my boss was leaving. And none of us wanted him to go, but we didn't get a say... of course. I am not a fan of big changes... let alone, having someone I actually like working for every day leave. So, I'm a bit bummed out. (actually, more than a bit right now) ...And, will likely be so for awhile. Oh well. What can you do, right?!

I still have a job. So, I'm thankful for that.

It's just that a job is better when you like who you are working for. Not to say I won't like the next person, but Greg and I just got along well. He's a good guy.

The other thing that has me a bit upset is the fact that our daycare is taking away a full weeks worth of vacation coupons next year. That's just BS. I mean, seriously. That's a whole $155 worth, for me... gone. :( Oh, and I wouldn't have even realized, except my friend MK read the email they sent and there was an additional attachment with the news. Ugh.

Other than that... Lil M and I are doing fine. She's still not doing as well with overnight potty training as I had hoped... but we'll get there. :)



  1. I'm not a huge fan of change either, especially at work. I'm a stability freak and I like routine just so I can plan my schedule with greater dependability. But don't worry, I'm sure everything will be just fine at your job. You seem to know who is next in line, so perhaps you might be acquainted with their strengths and weaknesses beforehand. And your daycare is being completely unfair and inconsiderate to working parents.

    "She's still not doing as well with overnight potty training..."

    Me neither. What were those containers you mentioned last time? Pretend? Or was it Rear-end? I keep forgetting. Anyhoo, I was looking for them in the produce aisle in my local grocery store and could not find them. Maybe I should have looked in the frozen section. Oh, and I almost forgot to continue with the Christmas treatise that began with Starky the elf: Am I the only one who enjoys venison during the holidays? I buy my venison steaks at Rudy’s Meats and Poultry - the best here in Vegas. I especially enjoy the buying experience at Rudy’s Meats, since a butcher dressed as Santa completes the transaction with a smile and the line “From my own personal stash.” It’s absolutely delightful! I'll bet that in Kentucky they shoot the deer right in front of you;0) Especially if they try to fly away.

    I am way too silly.

  2. you seriously crack me up. ;-)

    what a great idea Rudy has by getting Santa to come help with the Christmas venison sale.

    Yeah, i suspect that they are doing it so that if you don't have a sick kid they can just give you a week off instead of two. I understand operating costs and needing to make more money... but they didn't even talk to the parents at all, which is usual. oh well, we'll deal with it as it comes! Work'll be fine... it'll just be an adjustment. boo