Saturday, November 15, 2008

Potty and other news

So, Lil M is sort of starting to potty train. I put her on the potty every night, and they do at daycare too. This is new territory for us. I'm just taking it slow and getting her used to the idea. She's peed on it several times and poo'ed a couple. She usually does pretty well, and sits there quite willingly. Other times, she cries. That makes me feel bad.

On another note, she likes to put her babies to sleep (nigh nigh)... she does this with the dogs (dog dogs) and even Mommy sometimes. She has gotten quite attached to her stuffed kitty (Meow) and has tried to take it with us in the car a couple of times to daycare now. I haven't let her, because I don't want her to lose Meow. I'm wondering how this attachment is going to progress.

Speaking of attachment... we are at the stage where Lil M likes to make sure Mommy is very near and she checks back with me often. She does show some anxiety when there is a loud noise (TV or otherwise) that startles her. She runs to me and looks anxious. But she seems to calm down almost instantly. When I get to daycare she always yells "My Mommy" if another child comes close to me. She did this at the hair salon the other night, too. She definitely doesn't seem to want to go to others she doesn't know... and I'm actually thankful of that. I've heard where children sometimes aren't picky and will go to anyone, and that me...quite frankly, is scary.

I'm trying to decide when we are going to move to a big-girl (toddler) bed. I don't think she's ready, but will be in the next few months. She's 26 months old, and I think she's progressing quite well. We haven't been working as much yet on numbers and colors, but I'm going to get to that here soon. I periodically check my baby books to see where she should be at a given age, and she seems to be pretty close to what they consider the norm.

Days like today, I'm happy I'm the one who gets to make the decisions of how fast or slow we are going with potty and toddler beds and such. Other days aren't so easy, but it's been an amazing journey. There is always, absolutely more to do than can get done in a given day... especially with chores!! I've been trying to de-clutter, and have not quite conquered that yet. But I'm working on it. One day at a time. :)



  1. Lots of changes ahead! It will be nice when you get past the potty training...I always dreaded that phase!

    Four years...that is a long time! It is amazing looking back, isn't it? And more amazing is how fast our babies grow up once we finally get them home!

  2. In answer to the question you left on my bloglll

    Oh, yes...things REALLY changed when we went from one seven year old to a seven year old and a baby...then a year later added a six year old to the mix, too. You would think that once you have one kid, another wouldn't really be that much more work, but it IS! I love all three of them to pieces though and am blessed to have them all! But, to answer your question, is much more work!

    Hey, I didn't realize you listed Alison Kraus on your profile as a favorite musician! Cool! We really like her, too! In fact, Grant is friends with several members of her band...and on our honeymoon (back in 1991!), she dedicated a song to us at a concert we attended!