Monday, November 3, 2008

Vote tomorrow... McCain!!!

Hi all... I don't normally do this, but I feel like if I can encourage one person to get out and vote tomorrow, then that would be awesome.

Personally, I think Obama is a lot of talk and hype. He keep changing what he says... I'm worried about him taking away military funds and increasing our taxes. He keeps saying that the middle class is $250K... then $200K, ... then $150K... next it'll be $50K or $30K!!

I just believe that John McCain is who we need... he Walks the Walk. Please consider giving him your vote. He's more moderate and Moderate is what we need right now! Otherwise, we're going to be overwhelmingly liberal... don't get me wrong, I'm pretty liberal, but I don't believe that the Congress, House and President should all be Democrat!! OMG. Think of the TAXES alone!!! Yikes.

Regardless of who you vote for, please get out and vote tomorrow!!!!



  1. yea a thinking girl!! I agree with you and yes history either way is being made!!

  2. I TOTALLY agree with you. It looks tonight, though, like we are just going to have to brace for the worst and hope that Obama will lead more moderately than his past voting record and past associations would indicate.


  3. Actually I think Obama's been fairly consistent on his defintion of "middle class" & the misunderstanding missed that the different #s were refering to different kinds of taxpayers -- the $250K limit was for *Families*, the $200K was for Single people. I think I read that Biden once made a

    More to the point though, there are many Republicans who are big spenders anyway. As even an ardent Republican that we both know has said "Bush spends like a sailor on shore leave".

    The independent tax policy center did a full analysis of the candidates proposals and their effect on the bottom line of tax revenues and to the taxpayers at different income levels.

    In any case, past presidencies usually find that they have to modify their proposals once they're in office in order to get them accepted by both by congress & by the public.

  4. Well, I could only go by what I actually heard... and it was not clear. So, that's why it stuck with me. I didn't like that.

    Regardless, we've made history, and I will pray for the new President, just as if it has been McCain. I think anyone in that position deserves a chance and a prayer!! :)


  5. It's great that you pray for the President; more of us should pray for our leaders. I think I've read that Lincoln said that he prayed not for God to be on his side, but for he to be on God's side.

    I meant to explain that I posted my previous note because I wanted to reassure your concerns. I'm not dissing your vote.