Monday, November 10, 2008


Sis, Chase, and Scott all came over this weekend. What a treat!!! ;-) Sis and I took the kids shopping on Saturday and got some great deals at Goodwill for Chase (pants)... it's expensive to clothe the kids sometimes! LOL. They can ruin a new pair of pants in SECONDS!!! ROFL. He really needed some new stuff, and we always balance brand new clothes with gently-used ones. Mindy and I always shared clothes or wore hand-me-downs as kids (of course, we had new ones too!!)... so, we're just following history. :)

I made some rice pudding that turned out pretty good. I also made some chili, but it was missing onion and peppers... so, it's a little more bland than usual. Oh, and Sis made me a great turkey meatloaf!! That'll have us set for a few days this week. :)

It's so cute to see how much Lil M loves her Aiyee Mimi, Chase and Scott. If they leave a room, she asks where did they go. The day after they leave (like this morning), she looks for them and asks where'd "Mimi" go?!

It is Monday now, and of course, I'm tired! But it is a good tired this morning. I really am blessed to have the family and friends that I have.


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  1. Sound like it was a really nice weekend! ....hmmm, reading your post has me in the mood for chilli!