Sunday, November 23, 2008


This weekend we went to see Sis and Chase. It was good. Lil M was pretending to play with bubbles last night, and when Sis sends me the little video I'll have to post it. It was too cute. :)

When I was putting Mia to bed, I ran into a hard drive that was sitting next to the couch (from Mindy's old house... that I knew was sitting there, but forgot), and I totally messed up my knee. I mean, I almost fell over I hit the damn thing so hard. My knee swelled up and turned black and blue. Oh great. And we're supposed to do the Turkey Trot thursday. :( It still hurts pretty bad today, and going up and down stairs isn't big fun.

I'm feeling fairly anxious today, too, for some reason. I keep trying to tell myself everything is perfectly fine, but it still comes and goes. It's definitely gotten better since I started my new job.

Oh, and Friday I sent a couple of requests to adoption agencies about a couple different countries. I'm trying to figure out if adopting a 2nd child is an option... or will be at some point? The two countries I'm looking at do very few adoptions a year, but they do accept singles. Regardless, it would take a couple years again, and so I figured I'd better start if that's what I want to do... If it did take 2 years or more, Mia would be 4+ and I think I could handle that. I've really been trying to figure out if finances will work, if I could actually parent 2 children... so, I'm in the prayer / investigation stage right now. Prayers are welcome. :)

Have a great Thanksgiving week... I know I definitely have a lot to be thankful for this year. Thank you God.


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