Monday, April 6, 2009

It's a Monday...

I got my official job offer on Friday, so I'm looking into working here as a full-time employee instead of a consultant. Woot! Financially, not the best I could do, but it's close... the people are nice, and it's not consulting. All good. If all goes well, the transition will be next week.

Sis got a return this year (taxes), and that will help with the backlog of bills. I'm still keeping an extraordinarily close eye on the budget. I'm happy with the progress so far, and am determined to keep this going until we're both back in the black. :)

I get Lil M's pics back from daycare today or tomorrow. And, I really hope there's a good pic or two!! I'd rather that than to have to go get some pics taken right now... cheaper this way. :) But let's see!! I still can't believe she's already 2.5!

I had to call and cancel our health insurance from my consulting co., today... oh fun. I will likely get charged for the whole month, which sucks. I also called the AT&T store where I got my new cell phone. I was supposed to get a rebate for the phone, and hadn't. So, let's see if they actually come through with this or not. I will be pretty unhappy if it isn't in the mail tomorrow. I'll have to actually go over there and raise some Cain. Ugh. I'd rather not. lol.

I read somewhere the other day where people were putting down 'frugal' tips and living. While I realize that being frugal doesn't build wealth quickly... you need to add to your income or savings to do that... I do think that being frugal in as many areas in your life as possible helps you too. By keeping an eye on even the little things, you are less apt to run out and spend money on the bigger things without giving them some level of thought. IMO. And, that can save you a lot of money over the long haul.



  1. Oh good luck with the frugalness. It's so hard isn't it? We are just now getting back together after the last few months. They were pretty hard on us! Good luck and let me know if you find any great ways to save money!

  2. Awesome on the job! I am trying to be frugal too. Tough!