Monday, April 27, 2009

Motivation - Beautiful Weather

This morning as I think about what might motivate me this week, it occurred to me that the beautiful weather this weekend and this morning really helped. I find that is the case more than I'd care to admit, even. When it is beautiful outside, I feel like being a part of whatever is going on! When it is dreary, rainy, cold, etc, I feel like snuggling on the couch and being lazy.

So, since this week is starting out pretty, I'm going to try to use that to my advantage for my motivation this week.

I hate yard work, but I got out last night and cut the grass. I know I didn't *have* to, 'cause Scott would have come and helped, but I felt like I should get out and do it. I'm allergic to the grass, so it makes me pretty miserable, but this morning when I looked out I had that sense of accomplishment. And, next are the bulbs I want to get planted this week. The ground is quite dry right now, so I might wait until the rain has come this week to soften the ground... so, that means I might actually look forward to the rain this time!! haha.

I felt this same way on Saturday. We got up and got motivated and went to Sis' house to go garage saling with her and my nephew. We had a very nice, relaxing day. I got some more cloth napkins, which is what I was looking for, and she got a coat rack. We do this every year, and it's one of our "bonding" activities, so it helps to keep me in a good mood, too.

Is there something that you need to do this week? By trying to remember the beauty outside, I'm hoping that it will motivate me today, tomorrow and get me through the week!! Go check out other Motivate Me Monday ideas. :)



  1. yes!!! the weather, and just nature in general is so inspiring, isn't it? saturday was beautiful here, to run outside for the first time in a while-it was a great day! thanks for sharing,

  2. Dang girl! That's motivation...shoot...I just use the excuse that I'm too short to push the darn thing! HA! Good for you! Happy Monday!!

  3. The weather affects me in the same way. When it's dark and dreary, I just want to be lazy. And when it's beautiful, I can't NOT do anything.

    Thanks for leaving me a comment on my blog!

  4. now THIS is a good idea. Especially since the weather will be prime "get stuff done" time for the next while here...........


  5. It's been beautiful here and I love the springy weather! But I have lost the desire to do anything outside. I needed this motivation!

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  6. What better form of motivation! YAY YOU! For getting out and mowing that lawn . . . it feels good, doesn't it?! ; )

    God Bless!