Friday, April 3, 2009

Homestudy, again

So, I've made a decision. I am going to get paper-ready again. I am going through the local SAFY program to get certified to become a foster/adoptive parent here in my state. Which means, I'll get a current homestudy to be able to adopt, if the opportunity presents itself. It gives me options. Later this year, I am going to look into Nepal, Russia and Kaz. But for now, I'm going to see where this leads. :)

The guy who was leading the class last night said that I can choose to make my file foster adopt only, and pick the age(s) I'm interested in. This means I might have to wait longer, but that's perfectly OK with me. So, I've got some praying to do! :) And lots of paperwork to complete! But I've been there, done that, so I think it'll be OK.

Anyone who's gone through their state process... if you could write and let me know how it went, that would be great!!!!!



  1. So, so excited for you! This is something we have prayed about for a long time. Still waiting to see if we will have a third. :)

  2. Good luck on this newest endeavor Melissa!

  3. congrats on your decision!! and on the new job.