Wednesday, April 15, 2009

WFMW - Potty Training

I've read posts and suggestions for how to handle over-night potty issues while potty training little ones. One person suggested layering the bed with a plastic sheet, then a cloth sheet, then plastic then cloth... then you could take one layer off at a time (even overnight) if you needed to. If it comes to that, I'll try that!!

But for me, what works for now is to put those plastic covered portable diaper pads under her sheet. (you know those that you got to lay your baby on when you go out)... I lay 2 of those in the spot where Lil M sleeps, under the sheet. If she moved around more, I'd put more under the sheet. Thankfully, she doesn't. :) Since I have a few of those pads, and they seem to work just as well as if i had bought some type of plastic sheet for the bed, that's what we use! :) And they're a bit cushy too...

Then, in the morning, I take the sheet off and wipe the plastic diaper pads off with Lysol and remake the bed.

We are not currently using pull-ups or diapers at night. I did put plastic pants on her last night... that helps a bit, too. :)

So, that's what works for me!! :) Go check out the other ideas at We are THAT Family!



  1. thanks!! :) in this day of being frugal or reusing things... i figured why go out and buy something specifically for this task?! Ya know?! :)

    thanks for stopping by!


  2. We used the crib-sized waterproof pads under my son's sheet when he was potty training--no gaps!

  3. someone gave me the ultimate crib sheet as a baby shower gift and I just used that over the sheet it was super easy and just clipped right on to the bed even though it was a twin.i love little tips like yours cause they are easy and cheap!