Wednesday, April 29, 2009

WFMW - hodge podge

I've been looking forward to sharing in this week's Works For Me Wednesday... and now I can't think of what I wanted to share!! haha. So, here's a hodge-podge of thoughts for this week.

One thing I forgot to mention before, in the potty training area, that I do different that anyone I know, is that since Lil M wants to wear her big girl undies and doesn't want to wear anything that resembles a diaper (even pull-up), I put the pull-up or plastic pants OVER her underwear and pants at night. It looks funny, yes. But, it does help a bit when she has an accident. This way, Lil M feels like she's still a big girl with her normal routine, but the mess is a bit more contained.

Let's see... a frugal tip that I've been using lately and has worked quite well is the extra bar towels in the kitchen instead of using paper towels. I have 2 dogs, a cat and Lil M. So, there are quite a few messes... if they are too gross, then I use the paper towels, or use something I know I can throw away. But for almost everything, I can use these towels. I even put them in their own drawer in the kitchen, so they are accessible, but not out on the counter.

Another thing I do is I have a TON of cup lids in the kitchen from all my coffee mugs and plastic cups and such. I used to put them in a drawer. Now, I put them in their own basket, and put it on the counter. That way they are easily accessible. Then, when I have company I can just slip the basket in the cabinet and it is out of the way!! :)

Oh, and I used to use wash clothes in the kitchen for wiping things down and what not. Well, they would smell gross... when I used just regular dish soap on them and they'd get too wet and not dry fast enough... (yes, I'd wring them out). Anyway, instead of using dish soap on them to wipe the counters down, I use either the Vinegar/Water solution (spray bottle), or a commercial spray cleaner. I spray the counters with the spray, and wipe them off with the cloth. I use the type that doesn't have to be rinsed. That way, the cloth doesn't get gross, I'm using less water, and I'm still able to use the cloths, instead of buying commercial throw-away cleaning cloths. :) Hope I explained that right! haha

So, those are my ideas for this week. Go check out my other friends' ideas at We Are That Family!!



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