Friday, April 24, 2009

First Haircut

Last night, Lil M had her First REAL haircut ever... She was cracking me up! I had a hair appointment scheduled, as usual, and she said she wanted her hair cut, too. "I want haircut"... So, Douglas said OK!! She did so, so good, too!

Can you say love? I mean, look at these two!! lolHappy, happy girl!!
Serious play!
Look at THAT FACE!!!!



  1. What a cutie!

    I can't bear to have my three year old's hair cut...and it's nearly to her waist!

  2. Thanks!! I actually wasn't planning to get her hair cut off! She just kept saying it, and while I realize that she didn't really KNOW what that meant... I let Douglas do it anyway!! haha. :)

    Wow, 3 and almost to her waist! That's some long hair! I kept Mia's up almost every single day... I think this might be a nice change for awhile. I'm not sure I'll get it cut again soon, though. ;-)


  3. She is SO cute! Awwww her first hair cut. Glad she did well. You might have created a monster. Now she's going to want to go the hair stylist all the time ;o)

  4. What a beautiful girl!

    Happy ICLW!